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Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen

Action and employment of high tech machines plus humor is Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen. I had a good time watching the latest movie in Philippine cinemas. The twin robots and Bumble Bee entertained us much! I've come to realize that there are hilarious autobots! Their lines were really funny! It's nice because it adds spice to the entire production of the show.
I watched it yesterday with three people.After we had our dinner together we decided to see a film. Some people commented that this film is not good.I almost believe them because more than 10 people said that we shouldn't watch it! My boyfriend and pals wanted to judge it by themselves. So did I! How will I know that they are right if I decide not to give it a shot,right? Well, our decision to watch it wasn't a regret!We enjoyed the film for two hours! In fact it was hard to look for seats since all were almost taken!Some people clap their hands as the film ended which is very unusual when you watch a movie! In general, the effects were great and you'll be amazed with the transformations of the machine characters.What can you say about these questions- Can we really rely on robots if these things are possible in the future? What's the power of human might compared to machine forces?
Despite of the fear that decepticons might attack again, Optimus Prime together with his team and us ...humans still continue to live on......

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