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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Centenary Birthday of Mother Teresa

Regardless of religion, I salute every woman in the world who remained humble for the poor and impoverished ones.Mother Teresa is one of the most beautiful woman I know in this world for her passion for mission work.I see real beauty inside and out.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner gained recognition by the Roman Catholic church as we celebrate her 100th birthday. This month, people around the world remember how she lived her life. If we remember, she had chosen to spend her life with unfortunate people in India.

 The Saint of the Gutters

I'm a born again Christian and I'm one of those who are touched and blessed with her life. The world would probably be more livable if most of us have a heart for the needy like her. We live in a world full of self-centered and ambitious individuals that worsen relationships.Consequently affecting the community, the nation, and the world.She is truly a legendary woman who possessed the real virtues of being a servant of God.
The Centenary Birthday of Mother Teresa will surely encourage us to check our hearts.May her life, work, and death guide us to choose the right path and live our life accordingly.


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