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Friday, August 27, 2010

Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama

Quirino Grandstand is a wide open space where people gather for major events in the Philippines.It is located at Rizal or Luneta Park in the heart of Manila. Last month, we were in the capital city and we passed the venue for remarkable events before entering Manila Ocean Park. Last Monday (August 23, 2010) a bloody event happened in that place bringing Manila in newspaper headlines.

The Quirino Grandstand Hostage Crisis should serve as a lesson to all Filipino policemen. We shouldn't put the blame on one person as what other people did. It showed how Filipino government react on such situation. We witnessed what happened on that day and it made us realize that it wouldn't have happened if the approach hadn't been like that. The law enforcers claim they were brave enough and have done their best to do their duty. However, many are not satisfied with their actions for we saw through the media how they responded to the hostage drama.Furthermore, the media has stirred Mendoza's emotions and it led him to take the lives of the tourists.

I've read an email containing an article dated 24th of August written by Eric Po. It was the story about the survival of Bang Lu Min. A HongKong national who fought for his life. According to him Capt. Rolando Mendoza was kind for letting the children and elders leave the bus. In fact he promised to release the victim before sundown. However, the dismissed policeman was so confused and was not able to stay calm. Thus, shooting some of the victims. The hostage taker wanted the hostages to cooperate but he was forced to kill those who tried to fight and escape.

I pray and hope that this sad occurrence won't happen again. May the families of the victims seek justice for their deceased love ones. May this incident will turned our PNP into a better one.I felt sorry for my fellow, Rolando Mendoza who ended his life that way. He could have lived longer if he hadn't put justice in his hands. He seemed to believe that he was innocent of the charges by the ombudsman.

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