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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Survivor Philippines- Celebrity Showdown

I'm not a fan of GMA Network and I rarely watch TV.However, I was enticed by the network's intense promotion of the newest reality TV show which is Survivor Philippines- Celebrity Showdown. It features the famous people in the Philippines in any field who will fight for the title as the sole survivor.
photo courtesy of showbiznest.blogspot.com
Eighteen castaways are sent to a deserted and isolated island in Thailand to see who's the wisest, the toughest and the one who can lasts. Extreme challenges await them as they start as one tribe. Last night, the grand opening of the show was aired and I got interested with it. I want to know how these notable people play the game. I want to see how they make decisions and treat their fellow castaways. The ultimate survivor will receive 3 Milion pesos tax free! Survivor Philippines-Celebrity Showdown (Season 3) is hosted by Richard Gutierrez.
photo courtesy of gmaseven.blogspot.com
The castaways are:
  1. Michelle Madrigal
  2. Aubrey Miles
  3. Jon Hall
  4. Ahron
  5. Moi
  6. Princess
  7. Aira
  8. Karen
  9. Akihiro Sato
  10. Elma Muros
  11. Solenn
  12. Ian
  13. Mico Aytona
  14. Buhawi Meneses
  15. Doc Ferds
  16. Ervic Vijandre
  17. Pretty Trisza
  18. Myka

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