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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Four Elements Challenge of Survivor Philippines

The game is on and the challenges of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown has just started! The first physical challenge of the eighteen castaways was called The Four Elements Challenge. Only two players can win the game. Buhawi Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar and the sex bomb dancer Aira were able to raise the flags and won the challenge.
In the event, Princess was the slowest. She had a hard time on climbing the wall and was trapped on the big net while the rest were in the mud pool looking for three rings with the same color!I can see in her face how worried she is now because her fellow challengers might vote her out for being a snail-like player. The first challenge demanded real physical strength. The men and some of the women managed it well but not Princess Snell.The half-British beautiful lady said to herself not to pursue it since they had to step or walk over embers. The two castaways who made their first challenge successful were given scrolls. Buhawi was asked to open it and it was written in it that he will be the tribe leader until further notice. Aira, on the other hand was asked to keep hers for the next tribal council.

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