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Monday, September 06, 2010

An Idiot Box!?

Some of us are too much addicted to watching television.We are really attached  to the different programs that we see.It is indeed true that TV is an effective means of communication and broadcasting the current events around us.In addition, it allows people to acquire knowledge like being able to know the things about a certain place that you've never been to.However, there are recorded disadvantages brought by doing it excessively.Critics have seen these things and coined TV as an idiot box!It's described so because it ruins our good life if  improperly used.

First, it resulted in gaps between family members since we spend more time in watching TV than giving quality time to our children.Second, we become physically and mentally unhealthy.We can no longer do physical exercise and sharpen our mind because we're gradually turning into passive viewers.Third, our values and characters are not inclined anymore due to imitation.What happen to us is we become a copycat of what we always  see on TV!As a result, our point of views and decision in life are greatly influenced by media.

Although we are currently undergoing such struggles we can still do something to make things better.Parents ought to control the viewing time of their children.Parental guidance should be highly practiced.It's their duty to protect the empty vessels of their young ones.Moreover, teachers should teach their learners how to be conscious of what they see and hear.Furthermore, young people should learn how to be aware of the good and bad things on TV.They should know how to distinguish on which ways to follow or not.As a result, they now become responsible home viewers.Thus, avoiding possible mess done by the idiot box that could poison their wondering and hungry mind.

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