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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Purple Heart

Liberty is always dangerous yet it is the safest thing we have. We are set free but we have to be vigilant all the time.With the efforts done by the defenders of our freedom, we continue to live a normal life. Have we ever questioned ourselves of how these people live after they had put their lives in danger?

It's an upsetting fact that the people who used to work  in the armed forces have no place to stay.Purple Heart Car Donations is a brief and uncomplicated site designed to make it easy for you to lend a hand. It tells how the organization helps the veterans through car donations.It's an inspiring page to give attention to our former soldiers.The quoted words from Pres. George Washington and Pres.John Kennedy encourage us to take part as the recipients of freedom.In addition, the photos of military people posted on  it give life  to the site.The three simple steps on how to donate your car can be  easily seen on the page.I have no problem navigating the site.The information you need is provided and the links work. Once you participate you'll receive tax deduction receipt!

Act now! The veterans deserve to be helped.

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