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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown is now down to two tribes. Magan doesn't exist anymore.A regrouping happened. Sar Mayee includes Akihiro as the leader, Jon, Michelle, Aubrey, Ervic, Elma and Pretty Trizsa. Nagar is led by Ahron with Moi,Mico,Ian,Aira,Solenn and Karen.

They had another reward challenge called Pyramiding.It tests their memory on the previous challenges and their experiences. The pyramid has got steps.The castaways need to answer the question in every step to proceed to the next one to reach the top. On top, there's a chest.They can unlock it by answering the question.In the chest, there's a big puzzle to be solved and the first tribe to finish the series wins.

image courtesy of tripadvisor

 Sar Mayee won the challenge. The reward was Thai massage.Ian said the group is strong with Jon Hall.For him he's really an asset.Jon wasn't so happy for his new tribe.He lost his shelter and the remaining rice is now owned by another group.When they arrived at the camp site. He didn't have the massage right away.He started checking the place instead. He did what he can to make their shelter better for he doesn't want to sleep in the rain. Sar Mayee's shelter is not good enough.

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