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Monday, September 20, 2010

Teachers as Volunteers

I've just deleted some photos in my files and I ended up reminiscing the moments I had in Kamp Pag-asa or the Camp of Hope. I've come to think about the number of teachers who served and volunteered themselves for the said activity.The delegates are usually nurses,physical therapy students,social workers and Special Education or SpEd teachers.I've met a huge number of teachers in the camp.It was nice to meet them.Their presence is really important.They serve as our mother in the camp.

As the days went on, I saw how these teachers shoulder the activities.I felt their sincerity and dedication in helping the kids with different disabilities.With our programs, I was able to witness the talents and unique strategies employed by them which are definitely helpful to the needs of those children!

The leaders and asst. leaders of Kamp Pag-asa 2010

At night time, the kids enjoy story telling.I'm already old to hear those kiddie stories yet I was still entertained.Through this short time bonding with the kids and fellow volunteers  who are teachers,I was able to utter these words: "These people are really educators and facilitators".

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