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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Mom, our Teacher

My mom is a living legend to those who know her and I dedicate this entry to her.She's admired for being a good parent to us.She's just an ordinary person with extra ordinary ways to raise us well.Our relatives were surprised to see us again. They never thought that we've achieve this far!

We love you mom!
In the past, it was hard for us children to digest her ways.Yet as time went by we learned what she did was just right for us and for the family.

I'd say that my mom is the best for doing all the things she can to  give us good life.Whoever I am now and whatever I have is all because of her love, care and fortitude.I owe my life and everything to her.

She teaches us to be upright and righteous children.Though sometimes we don't meet her expectations she never let us down.Every time we make mistakes she always forgives us.In  our younger years, we knew her as an authoritative mother.We feared her.We were afraid to disobey her.

She's never tired of giving corrections.Her frequent reminders allow us to choose light rather than evil.As of now, we don't have the same fear.We are now open to her instead.It's nice to know that  we are always welcome when we try to open our ideas and decisions in life to her.She never manipulates us.

Our mother teaches us not only the ways on how to live life in conformity and subsmission to the authorities but she fills us with helpful teachings in which we never heard of from anybody else we've known.She first taught us how to read and write.We were good at using different references with her guidance.In addition, we learn to love  playing educational toys and board games like scrabble, boggle, chess and the likes.Furthermore, she exposed us to books at early age.

Her influences in our lives will be remembered forever.I love my mom and it'll stay forever.

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