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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eden Invasion

It was three years ago when I first visited an ecologically-friendly farm and resort  which is Eden Nature Park.It's located in Mount Talomo and situated in a cool area in Davao City.It's a highland place where you can enjoy  magnificent mountain views.

I went back there with my college friends last year.They'd never been there and I wanted to see them too so I decided to go there to join the group.We had a day tour and went swimming in their infinity pool  after we strolled the wide area of Eden!

There are a lot of things to do at Eden.Their services include fishing,trekking,camping and hiking.You can also take a look at their Aviary where you can see different species of birds.In addition, they've got enough rooms to accommodate their visitors and guests! Furthermore, it's a perfect place to have a garden wedding! It's my ideal wedding ceremony!To get wed with my chosen one in a garden and nature-inspired setting is such a wonderful thought!What's more, a map will be given to help you explore the Eden on Earth of Davao City!

What I love most in there is the cool breeze that we don't have at downtown area and the sky ride!Every weekend they offer this extra ordinary experience for those people who want to do something unique and interesting! It felt great to be on heights and fly like an eagle! I took a lot of photos! It was indeed a great weekend!


The day after, I left my mobile phone in the taxi.I used it too in taking some pictures.It's a good thing though I brought a camera to capture our invasion at Eden!

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