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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barangay and SK Election 2010

Today marks the official start of the campaign period for Barangay and SK Election 2010.I wasn't sure of who's going to run in our barangay.Now I see campaign posters anywhere and I was surprised to see some of them! I didn't know that they're into politics.I want to see their handbills, read their platform and know their aim for the barangay.

Different issues were brought about the said election.I thought the election will be reset.I'm satisfied when I heard that on October 25, 2010 there's going to be Barangay and SK Election. Postponing the election will give more chances for fake public servants to abuse their power. People who want change would be unhappy if extension will be given to unworthy leaders.

From October 1-13 aspiring candidates filed their Certificate of Candidacy or COC.Last August 13, I went to COMELEC to check my name and precinct number.Moreover,gun ban rules were released to ensure the safety of October 25 election.

I'm expecting election rallies on the coming days. I know there are certain individuals who are willing to help improve our barangay and I recognize those who run for money and power.I'm aware of how the politics works in my country.

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