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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Great Lesson from a True Story

All of us want to be somebody in the society and be proud of whatever we have or achieved. I've got a question for you to answer.Would you like to have a very inclined life in the beginning of your journey but in the end you end up with nothing? I want to share this true story that will teach every Filipino family a lesson.

I watched the "Blusa" Episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya via internet. Blusa is a tagalog term which means a blouse.That thing was wore by the main character by the time that she was hunting for a job.It was a gift given to her by her caring and loving sister (Dimple Romana).The main character was played by Angel Locsin.She was awarded as Magna Cum Laude when she graduated in college.She's a product of the University of the Philippines.She's an achiever in the family and her parents are expecting much from her.Her siblings stopped going to school because she was the one prioritized to be sent .Since she was a young girl all she wanted was to help her family alleviate from poverty.Her goal is to fulfill it.She was high-spirited and very much confident that after finishing school she'll have a good job.

Fate came and tested her.She tried hard to look for one but she didn't get any.In addition,she was pressured because her dad got sick.She had to give financial support to them and found herself working in a night club!Her mom sent her away after her father died without getting proper medications and she blamed herself much. She believed that she caused the death of his father.

She came from a province and she was a scholar in UP Manila.Her sister stayed with her in times that she's no longer in her proper  mind setting.Due to depression, much family pressure and extreme disappointments she went crazy. Her emotional stability was shaken with what happened to her.She's no longer having normal thinking.She doesn't have enough food to eat most of the time because her sister had to leave her. The main character has an attitude problem and that cause their separation.Her pride is the reason why she wasn't successful. She keeps on thinking that she's a failure to everybody.

I'd say that her life isn't balance.He never had a boyfriend to be with or close friends to share her problems with.She only had her sister.Her sister has her own family.She didn't stop taking care of her though.Her mom was no longer concern about her because her mom felt that she's a disappointment in their community.

It couldn't happen to her if only if her mom didn't force her to achieve great things in life easily.Her pride added to her own destruction.She longs for good things for her family.There's nothing wrong with it.But the way she sees how life goes is the wrong one.Furthermore, she doesn't have the right perspective and thought that life is indeed unfair.

I always believe that the kind of foundation that a family has will serve as the members' base in getting into the different avenues of life.Moreover, balance is the key word to get along with the world well.

Intelligence alone can't make a person successful.Attitude goes along with it.

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