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Friday, October 15, 2010

Helping the Disabled Move

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am exposed to different people with disability. I see how they fight to live normally. I feel what they need to ease their burden in moving from place to place because of their limitations in accessing the public.National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association or NMEDA is an organization that promotes safe transportation for the disabled.The goal of the association is to satisfy the customers by providing them with dealers who are equipped with the knowledge that will suit the needs of every person with disability.

NMEDA has dealers that observe the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure high quality cars and equipment for physically challenged people.There are times that we get the wrong equipment for them because we lack the knowledge and proper approach.Thus,dissatisfaction is what we get in return.

You're in good hands with Quality Assurance Program.QAP is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry.With the said program you know that you're getting the perfect product since QAP is looking after the customers satisfaction by understanding the nature and needs of the handicapped.

Attending a person with disability is a tough job.I volunteered myself in a 10-day summer camp for children with disability and it's not easy to become a caregiver.A person in a wheelchair always needs assistance.Some of them had told me that they feel like giving up most of time and I know that a NMEDA dealer can bring their hope back by  making their life easier through providing them with cars and equipment that are specially designed for their physical condition.

If you live with disabled people going to  nmeda.org will surely help you.Find the dealers locator on the homepage and type in your ZIP code to see if there is a qualified dealer near you.Let me know your closest dealer by leaving it as a comment.

Let's help every person with disability and ourselves.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

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