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Monday, October 25, 2010


Darong is a simple barangay that belongs to the municipality of Sta Cruz in the province of Davao del Sur.Going there was unplanned.I didn't expect it.It's nice to see the place though.San Miguel Corporation is one of the large investors in the area.We were invited to a birthday celebration and we passed by a diagnostic center called SMB Community Clinic put up by San Miguel Brewery Incorporated.

I saw some animals there.The parrot we've seen at Crash Landing Resort entertained us much.The moment we get closer to its cage,it started showing off! In fact I took a video of it.It looks really funny! I saw horses, different breeds of dog and a little monkey named Lupen.
The barangay is cool with the presence of green trees.I could see mountains.Their means of transportation is motorcycle with a sidecar so it looks like a tricycle.I could imagine a simple life for people who live in Darong.There's no shopping mall and only the main road has got light posts.

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