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Monday, October 11, 2010


I've made my review on Twilight and New Moon but I was too busy at work  last June to make one for Eclipse-the third book of Stephenie Meyer in her Twilight Saga.

Eclipse is about Bella's time having Edward Cullen again in her life with Jacob who's always there for her.They finish their high school and set a date for her transformation.A decision has been  made that Bella's turning into a vampire before the Volturi's next visit.In Newmoon, Edward has left and Jacob was Bella's strength and crying shoulder.

The cold one (Edward) is certain that he's not going to leave Bella again. The intense wolf, (Jacob) on the other hand, believes he's special in Bella's heart.He's confident that she loves him. Jacob wants Bella to choose him instead of her vampire lover. For him, he's far better than the blood sucker.Bella's giving her life to Edward.She doesn't want to lose his good friend, Jacob either.

Jacob and Edward's conversation in a tent was one of the best part of the book. When I saw the movie, the fighting scene was good when the pack of wolves and the Cullens made an alliance to fight the newborn vampires led by Victoria. In Eclipse, Bella Swan decided to give up her human life to be with Edward eternally. Bella's planning to end her human experience to belong to a different world where the love of her life and special family  (the Cullens) belong.

Jacob's unhappy that Bella's going to be one of their mortal enemies-the blood drinkers. He's upset for he knows that if Bella chooses him, she doesn't have to change herself.

Once again, the author has entertained her readers. The choice of her book titles is perfect for me.Twilight Saga is embraced by teenagers all over the world.I like how Stephenie supports her preceding books.I'm satisfied of how she connects the events in the story.The characters are well-defined.

Breaking Dawn's Part 1 will be aired in November next year and the second half will be released a year after.I'm one of the fans of Twilight Series who are excited to see Stephenie Meyer's book IV.

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