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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ian is Kicked Off

Oh yeah! I was right!In tribal council's Double Elimination Sar Mayee took part in voting for another castaway to be eliminated.If we remember Mico was voted out by Nagar and Ian  Batherson is the seventh castaway who is kicked off the island. Moi and Aira were lucky to have their immunity bracelets. The votes for them have no value.
Ian is the youngest one among the castaways.He didn't feel bad because he doesn't need the prize much.He knows some like Nanay Elma who needs the 3Million pot money.He was just enjoying the time and was glad to be part of Survivor Philippines.Now they're down to ten but merge is not yet at hand. Another challenge is being played. It's a race with six mini challenges to be solved by each tribe before they can go to the final destination.

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