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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mico's Out in Double Elimination

Survivor Philippines is getting better and better! The last three challenges they had were all great!I had fun watching the endurance challenges played by the castaways.Nagar won both of them but Sar Mayee got the immunity idol in Giant Soduko challenge. Jon did well with it! Because of winning the last challenge which is a very special one in this season, Sar Mayee had the chance to be at the tribal council with Nagar! 

image courtesy of blogs.gmanews.tv
Mico Aytona who is tagged as the "Bibong Bunso" is the sixth castaway voted out in  Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown. I thought it's going to be Ian or Aira. I didn't expect it.Perhaps Mico didn't have a strong alliance with his new tribe.Solenn used to be on his side but she suddenly turned her back on him when Ian told her that Mico's going to boot her out.

On Monday, Survivor Philippines is going to be more exciting! The second part of double elimination will happen.It means Nagar will vote again for another castaway to  kick off the island! I have an idea that Sar Mayee might be allowed to vote too. There must be something unusual that will happen on Monday.That might be the twist.Just I think.

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