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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Picking and Carving

In some parts of the world Halloween is an event that people wait for.We are aware that it happens every October.There are Halloween-inspired parties and children enjoy picking and carving pumpkins!Some dress up for Halloween celebrations.But in the Philippines we don't see it as an important one.It's up to people, to families or different organization if they want to celebrate it.

Trick and treat is a way of celebrating the holiday. It's a custom when children visit houses at Halloween and say trick or treat to ask some candies or chocolates. They put a candle in a pumpkin and bring it as they roam around the village with their friends or families.Others make it as a house decor during the holiday.

Have you ever wondered how it began?

The Catholic had made an event that allowed beggars to ask for some food like cake, cookies, bread etc. in exchange of a prayer for a dead person. The church believes that through prayer a dead soul can enter the gates of heaven.It's called Soul Cake Day. It is believed that the idea of trick and treat originated from it.

More photos:

my nieces in a pumpkin patch
pumpkin carving at home


Margaret Duarte said...

Nice pictures and nice Halloween traditon lesson. Fall and Halloween, orange and black. Such a wonderful season. Thanks for sharing.

ladyinpurple said...

Thanks Margaret. I didn't have a trick and treat experience in my childhood.It's less important for us but I think it's fun for the kids.

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