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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Immunity Necklace

A game of luck is played by the top 10 survivors in Galone tribe.Immunity idol is no longer useful.The immunity necklace is introduced.Only one person can wear it.From now on, castaways play individually. 

Akihiro gets the immunity necklace in their digging challenge. The game was called 'hukay-hukay' which means dig in English.Castaways have to dig in the play field to find the buried chests.Inside are sandbags.Some chests are empty.Old Nagar compose of Solenn, Ahron, Aira and Moi advance to the second round for winning the previous challenge.That's their advantage.It's uneasy to dig under the heat of the sun! So they were able to reserve some energy.

Men always find sandbags first but Jon was unlucky to be at the final round.He's now worried. It's either Michelle or him who's going to leave next. They don't have a strong alliance.It's two against eight!They one immunity bracelet though.

I want Jon Hall to stay in the game.He's a strong player but his fellow castaways are getting rid of him.If Michelle wasn't in this season, perhaps he could have made early alliances and could better play.


H. Nizam said...

Immunity necklace?
An interesting post to read.


ladyinpurple said...

Have you seen any survivor episodes? Does your country play that game too?

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