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Thursday, October 21, 2010

An OFW Commits Suicide?

My heart sinks every time I hear bad news about Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs. I understand their main reason of leaving the country.They want to give a better life for their family and one way of making it possible is by working abroad.An OFW from Bahrain committed suicide in a plane in the person of Marlon Cueva. His body was found no life inside the plane's comfort room.Police said they were not looking at foul play in his death.However, speculations start to arise.Is it really true?Did he really commit suicide?

We don't know what he had been through.Working away home in a different country needs real strength.My older sister keeps on telling us that in order for us to sustain working in a different world with different people you have to be emotionally prepared. Unexpected things could happen beyond your expectation.Feeling alone, with no family  and genuine friends around to support you would definitely allow a person to kill himself.

Being abused by the Arabs, drug overdose, and intense personal problem are some of the things that people look into.

Religion becomes an issue then when I left some comments to a news article about Cueva's death.Issues on Muslims and Christian won't solve the problem.It won't do good either.It just stirs people angers against people with different belief.

The Philippine government could have provided psychiatric assistance for Filipino workers abroad to help them somehow with their struggles.They pay taxes and bring in dollars.We know a number of them commit suicide and the thing that happened to Marlon is NOT the first time.

Condolence to the family of the deceased and may he rest in peace.


The Social Web Analyst said...

It's so sad. When people just want to make a better life for themselves, and things like this happen. It's a frustrating and diverse world we live in. :|

ladyinpurple said...

It is..it is :( There are just things that's beyond our control..I could hardly breathe when I first read the news..poor Filipinos getting poorer :(

H. Nizam said...

People of my country work abroad often experienced bad treatments.


ladyinpurple said...

I guess anywhere bad things could happen..

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