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Friday, October 22, 2010

Goodbye Jon Hall

Aubrey's plan worked well.She has got the strategy.She made an early alliance and encourage her fellow castaways to get rid of the strongest player in the group.She was able to plan the game well.They divide themselves on who's going to vote for  Michelle and Jon.

Castaways' one goal to get rid of Jon Hall was successful.Jon, on the other hand, thought that everybody's going to vote Michelle out so he gave the immunity bracelet to Michelle.But he thought wrong and he's out of the game!I feel sorry for him.He's one of the people in the island I watch for.I like how he give his all to be at his best in every challenge but it's part of the game to kick someone out who's going to be your rival in getting the prize money!

Jon paid much attention to her partner and forgot to have another alliance aside from Michelle.He deserves to stay than Michelle and he knows her partner can't fight well in the game.She's not an asset and got no other alliance.She's soon to leave next to Jon.If it was him who's staying perhaps he would have the chance to make an alliance and plan his game very well without Michelle to think about.

Jon would have fought better by destroying Aubrey's alliance by offering his strength to other castways.He's better than her.That's his advantage and there's no hope for Michelle he could have used it.He's the first member of the jury anyway.We'll see Aubrey's next move.She's in control of the island and she has got puppets like Ervik!


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