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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Super Typhoon

Super typhoon is a Chinese disaster movie that shows the real qualities of a good leader.The movie inspires us to keep calm in times of trouble, to face nature's havoc with hope and courage. 

The film is in Mandarin.I only relied on the events shown and the English subtitle.However, I had a hard time understanding their poor English translation! I don't think they give prior attention to it.

To sum up, the mayor (Wu Gang) of the city was able to monitor the movement of super typhoon.He gives excellent orders and saves his people even the pregnant woman who is due on that day that was on an island.He shows true leadership and was at the affected area to help his constituents.He listened to his Elementary Science teacher (Song Xiaoying) who has knowledge about the formation of the coming typhoon.His teacher becomes his instant adviser and that made him save the day.

"We are nothing in the eye of typhoon but unity and cooperation could help us surpass calamities."


Bino said...

yeah the subtitle sucks. ayos pa naman sana ang effects.

may bago nga pala akong post. bisita ka ha. :)

ladyinpurple said...

tumatawa nga kami habang nanonood kasi nakakatawa talaga ung translation nila eh..kasama ko bro ko when I watched it...don't worry (^__^) I visit back those people who leave comments

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