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Monday, July 25, 2011

President Benigno Aquino III's SONA

Today the president of the Republic of the Philippines Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III will deliver his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) to inform the Filipinos his achievement in his first year as the most powerful man in the country. We are very eager to hear what his plans and priorities are.

As far as I remember, Pnoy wants to stop labor migration as much as possible and improve domestic employment.In addition, the administration successfully performs the repatriation in the middle east when chaos broke out.However, Pnoy fails to control the hostage crisis that took place in Quirino Grandstand that resulted in the death of Chinese and Taiwan nationals. They lack constant communication and proper coordination. The incident couldn't have been ended in a traumatic way.

A group of  Filipino people say the president is not spending money and just keeping the budget.I beg to disagree because one of Pnoy's goal is to make the Philippine government less corrupt if not corrupt-free. His administration temporarily focuses on clearing anomalies and unquestionable expenses to avoid it from happening again in his rule.I don't think he would only do this thing in his term!

When Ninoy's son won the presidency last year it proves that we are still hoping for a more transparent and honest governance.The most positive thing that Noynoy does is to win back the trust of his constituents.Filipinos are used to having corrupt government officials and we refrain from getting ourselves involved because it doesn't change the life of every Filipino. 

Nobody's perfect including Pnoy and even the president of the United States. My point is five years is not enough to solve all the problems in the country. If you put your shoes in theirs you will realize that no matter how eager you are to attend every problem, you can't just achieve 100% satisfaction like the issue on poverty, health and education.Leaders are not superheroes but if we take part and participate it could definitely lessen the burden. Help yourself Filipino to help your country as well.

Please don't use ignorance as an excuse.I'm inviting every Filipino to listen to what the president has to say this afternoon in his SONA.

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