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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gerry Peñalosa vs. Vorapin

This afternoon mom and I watched the boxing event the “Invasion- Philippines vs. the World”. The boxing event took place at Araneta Coliseum. The last and main fight was between Gerry Peñalosa and Ratanachai Sor Vorapin. Vorapin is a tough Thai boxer. He’s got wide body built and if you would compare it with Gerry’s, the Filipino boxer would really look small against him. I started watching on the third round. I can observe that Peñalosa was more on attacking and the opponent with defense. The said boxing event was covered by ABSCBN Sport Management. Manny Pacquiao was there watching those Filipino against other nationalities. I knowhe’s proud that another Filipino boxer retains it title in the world of boxing. In round four, Peñalosa got more aggressive. He was indeed a smart fighter. During this round, Vorapin got swollen eyes. The following round Peñalosa was fiercely attacking that Vorapin had bleeding nose. Peñalosa did a good combination of punches. And Vorapin was caught doing his bad tactics. Peñalosa stop hitting him when he was embracing Peñalosa and holding in his waist when he gave punches after that! That was totally foal! In round seven, I can smell Gerry’s victory. The Thai boxer was falling and was loosing his energy. If he just did Manny’s head movement, he’ll never get that swollen eyes. Peñalosa’s head got a bit bloody because of accidental head butt. Celebrities were there to watch the fight. Actors Cesar Montano and Bayani Agbayani were caught by the cameras. The fight lasted for eight rounds. During the last round, Peñalosa did the series of punching and hit Vorapin so badly. He was bloddy mess. His nose was bleeding and desperately pushing Peñalosa. Vorapin fell down on the eight round and Peñalosa won the fight without any major injuries.

Gerry Peñalosa still remains as the WBO Bantamweight Champion. He won his current fight by Technical Knock Out. Manny hurriedly went to the fighting ring to congratulate his fellow Filipino boxer. I’m pretty sure that he was happy and was proud that another Filipino is giving pride to Philippines when it comes to boxing. That was a spectacular winning done by Gerry Peñalosa held in his own country.

Here's the last round of the fight.

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