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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Winner or Loser

Apparently, there would be no winner if there are no losers. In life we are sometimes in victory and failure as well. To many people, life is a game to play, to gamble with. In our journey and daily struggles, it doesn't matter if we loose. As long as we've done our part to the best of our abilities then we're fine. We are indeed considered "losers" if we didn't give a try towards something. If we let these chances to pass by and didn't grab such opportunities when at hand, you'll probably be ending up with regrets. You might have this thought " I could have achieved greater heights if I just did that and this". Life is what you make it. We shape our own destiny. We have our personal decisions and nothing can dictate us for we are not living in a puppet world. That is-if you let them to maneuver you. Positive attitude will make life more livable and enjoyable. Aim high to soar high. Set a long term goal and reach for it! Winner or loser, whatever it is satisfaction is with us if we had done what we always wanted.

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