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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beijing Olympics

I used to watch the events happening in Olympics. I may not see all of those but if I got the chance I really try to catch it on replays. Aloha and I are interested watching gymnastics competition. She was a gymnast before until high school but she didn't pursue that sport in college. My older sister ate Jackie also participated in this kind of activity.
The 5 rings of the logo in Olympics represent the 5 continents of the world namely; Africa, Asia,Australia,Europe and America. The last olympics happened in Syndey Australia in 2003. The next one will be in Beijing, China. It's opening will be on August 8 at Beijing National Stadium, China. The country is probably busy until now preparing their place for the upcoming big event as well as the visitors coming from different parts of the world to witness. Of course they have to prepare the best of China for the tourists and delegates of Beijing Olympics.
Last April 30, China celebrated the 100 more days to go countdown before that day comes. There are already set venues and schedules of activities where different sports and competition will be held.

Sports in the 2008 Beijing Olympics will include the following:Archery,Athletics,Badminton,Baseball,Basketball,Boxing,Canoeing,Cycling,Diving,Equestrian,Fencing,Field Hockey,Football,Gymnastics,Handball,Judo,Modern pentathlon,Rowing,Sailing,Shooting,Softball,Swimming,Synchronized swimming,Table tennisT,aekwondo,Tennis,Triathlon,Volleyball,Water polo,Weightlifting and Wrestling.

We live in ONE WORLD. Thus, we have ONE DREAM. That is to achieve peace among nations despite of the fact of having the differences in culture . Olympics which caters different sports is a way to reach nearby countries. To experience camaraderie, playing as a team for world fun and celebration that we live in harmony. Good luck to all contenders from around the world! May you guys enjoy this spectacular event and fight with dignity and pride and not be influenced with bad hidden desire for personal interest of other people. If this happen the true spirit of Olympics will be gone with the wind!

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