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Monday, May 05, 2008

KC Conception

I have been loving Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez for a long time now. For me they're a perfect love team.I 've already watched several movies paired by two.This beautiful and sexy actress is now working with ABSCBN Network. I was happy as I heard the rumors that she's going to be a "Kapamilya". When it happened I was really happy seeing her that she belongs to ABSCBN.
KC Conception is starting her real showbiz glitz today!!!!! Tracking back her younger years, you just got to see her on TV doing some commercials.I'm certain that many were surprised about her great comeback on TV when we saw her did the ad on Human which is a clothing line. There was a great pivot in her life. The last thing I remember was that she was on a hotdog ad and she was fat then.Suddenly she disappeared!She flew to Paris,went college and had a degree. She went back in the Philippines with her diploma and great preparations to be on TV screens again. Now she's a full grown lady..... a star who is ready to shine above all the shining stars in showbiz!!! This is a perfect time for KC to do projects with the lights and camera! Her looks, wit, talent and amor for people go together to keep her stay in the limelight from this time on! Two days ago I saw on national news coverage that KC and Richard will be together in a movie!!!!!! I'm so excited to know what kind of movie they'll do and the roles that each will get.Richard Gutierrez has a twin  brother,Raymond. They are the sons of handsome Eddie Gutierrez and beautiful Anabel Rama. Their parents are also popular in the showbiz.

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