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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Survivor French Edition in the Philippines

America's reality TV show which is Survivor French Edition had chosen Philippines to be their host country with their latest edition. The team will spend three months to shoot the adventures of their contenders. The said team will be staying at White Beach in Camarines Sur located in southern part of Luzon.Camarines is rich in white beaches like the Guta Beach.
 The beauty of these beaches are as lovely as that in Boracay-Philippines' summer best tourist destination.White Beach belongs to Caramoan, Camarines Sur. It has very natural ambiance since it's still virgin.It's not yet explored by tourist or exploited.That's why it is called a "secret paradise" or hidden paradise". You can see the fine and white sand where it got its name. The people in nearby places are thankful with this gift that provides them with jobs. Furthermore, fishing is their primary source of living.

The lovely rock formation around the area adds the explicit beauty of the beach! The staffs and crew of French's Survivor had already constructed small houses where they can stay for a while. Facilities were prepared for the contestants' utilization.These small houses  however will be donated to the natives when the show is done. PGMA is happy about this news. It's another pride of the country that our natural resources are about to be featured in foreign lands. That will help in promoting the country's owned richness and tourism as well.
On the other hand, there are also residents that are affected by this project. There are specific area of the beach where it will be closed for three months. Those people are unhappy with it because they used to catch fish in those areas. According to them, their income will also be affected if that happens.Officials of the said area said they have to bear with it because it was approved and it wont take long.

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