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Monday, May 19, 2008

A Horrying Massacre in Laguna, Philippines

A shocking news on TV captured my eyes. Ten people were killed in a bank robbery. Nine were bank employees and a bank client. The remorseless killings happened Friday morning April 16. Report said that the bank was not able to operate on that day. The people outside the building were naive on what's happening inside the bank. I hate to think why there are merciless people on earth! I was saddened the moment I heard the bloody news. I am writing this now and I got a teary eye. I really really felt sorry for the families of the victims. It's so so hard to accept such tragedy to a family member. You are working in order to live and help your family and then suddenly they were all shock and ended their lives. The police had lost their key to solve the crime. The bank manager who's believed to be the sole witness was sent to a hospital after the killings but he died. He didn't survived and he's head was really damaged. The owner of the bank will close that branch forever. That place was used by demons to demonstrate their fake powers. Here's more.Another massacre happened in Laguna! Members of three different families were killed in their own houses in Calamba. The suspect was only one person. They were sleeping when the suspect start shooting them. See this video For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV According to police report killings and tragedies that happened in Laguna were brought by drugs. According Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency or PDEA Laguna is on top of the cities which is highly involved and associated with drug trafficking. PGMA is not happy with what happen to RCBC. Of course she's afraid because country's economy will be affected with that cruel news. Condolence to the families of those souls who are asking for justice..........

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