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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Carpie Diem

I read a 5-page story that talks on having the courage to pursue the things that you want. To get what your heart desire. I learned that you've got to do what your heart tells you even if you're trembling with fear. Like for instance, winning a woman's heart or getting the sports or jobs you love. I myself, I've been always afraid. Afraid to take risk and get the challenge. I have to believe in myself more to show the best in me. The story implies on putting your heart without expecting good returns of it. The result is not always what we expect to have. What matter is the feeling of satisfaction that relieves us. Even if you didn't get it at least you've tried and given your best. The good thing is "no regrets". It's fine if the girls dump you or say no to you. As long as you had showed her who you are and express your love for her, you'll have a price for that. The writer added added that its essential to look on what we can give like offering and giving love for other people than always counting on what we can get for ourselves. The title of the story is " Carpe Diem" which means "Seize the Day". He included other people's lives and thinking on taking the day no matter what the situation is. Take the day, decide,have faith, do something about it and feel good (^_^).

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