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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Island Hopping in IGACOS!

The Island Garden City of Samal or commonly known as IGACOS has its natural beauties to offer for the visitors and tourist of the island. We went to "Kaputian" . The place is called so because of its crystal white sand beach in the area. "Puti" in English means "white".
The first plan that we had for today should be fun and drink. My tita gave us two options. At the Venue or in Samal. Few wants to go dancing and drinking.I disagreed with them. Nothing's new at the Venue and it's so boring to be back in that bar. It's a very common place to hang out. I want my tita to enjoy the heat of the sun while she's still in Davao. In Germany, she'll probably miss the beach and the sun! I was glad that majority of us had chosen the latter.Thanks to you guys (^_^) It's better to have something fresh and natural.
Tita Helen
You can reach Kaputian by an hour of boat ride from Sta. Ana Wharf. We first went to Vanishing Island. It's a small land area in the center of sea water. You can put up your tent, broil food and chill when its low tide. If it's high tide, you can't see it with your naked eye. However, the water level is not that deep unlike those surrounding waters. So we swam in there without wearing our life jackets. But you have to be careful not to go farther or else....much more dangerous if you don't know how to swim. Then we passed by in front of Pearl Farm. My tita told us a lot of things about it. She was explaining what we can see in that specific area of the resort. Pear Farm is a big area. The island fronting of it is still part of it! She's been there many times already. I was about to go their with my sisters but it was fully booked when we tried to get our reservations. Granny's been there too. Next we visited the Wishing Island. According to the people living in Samal, you can make a wish if you can get there.It has two slides throwing you to the water! Our uncle gave a try but we didn't. The slides was broken and there are big stones that can hurt us. Moreover, there are something under the water that are thorny. Not all of us can swim so my tita restricted us from sliding to that thing. Aunt Mona told us that there was a small house constructed in that island before . It's true because we can still see bricks and foundations above the area.We were laughing because one of my cousins was looking for a wishing well! How could she look for it when we were in a wishing island and we were not making a wish on a wishing well!jajajajajaja LOL We had a great dinner! The fish was so fresh! The seafood was deliciously prepared! We brought fruits with us so the meal was complete. Tita Helen got us an airconditioned room to sleep on. The funny thing was, we used the curtains of the room to be our mat while we were lying on the sand at night time!jajajajaja We carefully took it, hid it and used it secretly!jajajajajaja. It feels good lying at the seashore with them. We told stories and jokes as well. We felt the white, fine sand in our feet. The weather was not cold. It was perfect! I love doing it! Mom called checking us all. We were unable to answer her call because we left our handy phones in our room.
Going Home

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