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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A New Haven to Relax Found in Davao

Yesterday, I went to Kaputian Beach Park at IGACOS-Island Garden City of Samal with my tita, siblings and cousins. We decided to have an island tour. We all agreed to rent a motor banca to take us all to our destinations. We arrived at the island by 1pm so we only picked up 3 places to visit. We were afraid to be on the water by 5 or 6 pm because big waves and winds might come our way. That would be so dangerous for everybody. We went to Vanishing Island, Wishing Island and passed in front of Pearl Farm. If all of us will stay in Pearl Farm that would cost much! We are many so maybe some other time. There is also a day tour in that resort. However, the family is planning to have a last outing in that island this Friday. While we were in the motor boat, we a saw a newly-built small houses around a developing resort. My uncle Jun married Aunt Mona who lives in Kaputian. She was the one who pointed it for us to identify the place. It's a nice area!It's a new place place for family outing. According to her the resort's name is Hof Gorei Beach Resort. This property is owned by a German national who married a Filipino/ he's with him. I'm uncertain about their status of their life. Looking at it from the motor banca that we were riding, you can see the small houses for functions and rooms. A pool was constructed. I guess the resort is not yet operating. If this will officially be opened for the public, it'll will be an additional tourist destination that can be found in IGACOS. It's great to go and try a new paradise...a new haven for you to relax and have a good time! The Island Garden City of Samal is offering the people white beaches and summer experiences that you can't forget. If you want to know more about this new resort I copied their site http://hofgorei-resortdavao.com/ that I got from a tarpaulin that is posted in the ferry boat that we rode in while we were on our way home. Hope this will help you guys.I love my city and so I am sharing you these wonderful things that can be found in Mindanao! We got the following cool pix while on the motor boat:

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