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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Paradise Beach Park and Resort

The entire family went back to Samal Island. This was our last beach outing. My tita will leave for Germany this Sunday so that also served as her "despidida". This time we were in Paradise. I've been here many times already. Since I was in elementary we were going in here to bathe at the beach under the heat of the summer sunshine.
Tita helen on the 3rd spot from L-R
To reach the island you have to ride this motor bancas which will take you to Samal Island or IGACOS.
You can do a lot of things in Paradise Beach Park and Resort. It has a Nature Park where you can take a tour. You can see animals in there like turtles and different kinds of birds. They offer trekking and massage.There's volleyball and basketball court. You can also play table tennis, pool and do some water sports like scuba diving and jet skiing. You can rent aqua bikes and the likes.
my cousins
Denise on the water Mom and Aloha
Accommodation is not a problem. There's non and air conditioned rooms. Hot water in specific rooms. Moreover, they prepare delicious and fresh food for their visitors. Cleanliness is maintained. When you're in the water you'll have no worries because it's crystal clear and the administration is really making sure that it is always sanitized. When in comes in security, you're travel from the land of Davao City to Samal Island is monitored. In your way going to Paradise, a report is given on how many people are coming ;who are the passengers in the motor bancas and they will check if all those people are able to cross the see safely.
Denise in her swimsuit
I had fun yesterday. The sun was up so we did use sunblock lotion to protect our skin from cancers and sun burns. At night mom had a dinner with her siblings.
Denise was tired after swimming My bro Bob Aloha,Aireen and Me Aloha-Jasmine there's still lotion on my neck LOL Our relatives

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