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Monday, May 12, 2008

My Brother's Creation

The only brother of ours loves to create objects out the blocks that he has. He got a new set of blocks given by my sister Jackie. The moment that it was given to him he started reading the guide booklet! I was looking for him then. He suddenly disappeared! When I enter mom's room he was there starting his project!jajajajaja Bob has the passion and perseverance to have an output. Since he was young he used to own pieces of blocks and he's really good. He was smiling when he showed us his creation. Denise felt jealous!jajajaja She stopped playing with the computer and ask Bob if she borrow it..jajajajajaja
The guide booklets
Bob's 1st creation
I am confident that my brother is having a good cognitive condition. His brain structure is fine. In school while he was in Elementary there were times that he was reported to be doing below average with his academic performance but we do believe that he's not gonna be that way forever. In fact he does better now! He's just sometimes addicted to his online games, xbox games and he's still a kid....Playing is important to them. He play basketball too.


Secret man said...

Waowww, the 1st bob's creation is very nice, and it's very good for a child to play with Lego, it's very instructive, next step : a boat !!!!

ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

ya playing those blocks will help in their cognitive dev't..I dunno what's gonna be his next creation..we'll see then

by the way..glad that ur back (^_^)I thought you're gone forever....

jazzie said...

Bob and Denise made a house too using Denise's blocks. See it here http://jazzie.blogetery.com/2008/04/29/bob-den-and-i-thi

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