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Friday, June 13, 2008

June Celebrants in the Family

I can't forget the month of June not because it's an ideal month to get wed or the start of classes in Philippine Education System. The main reason is because my 3 nieces celebrates their birthdays on the same month! Cool ya? Denise just turned 6 two days ago. She only had few visitors. We just invited her close friends to have an ice cream and cake in here. It's her first time that she hadn't have a party. Since she's leaving for England, her parents are saving money for her plane tickets. Four days from now, the youngest of baby Hackers, Sophie will celebrate her 1st year! She's a chubby, cute and lovely baby. Her physical features look closer to his dad Justin. She was unwell last week because of the changing weather in England. Their granny is absolutely happy to see them again. Lexi's will be on the 21st. It's been six months that I haven't seen this curly-haired baby. She's turning 2 this month. Aloha said that Lexi loves the movie Happy Feet very much. Everyday they play it for her. There was something that Aloha shared to us that made us all laugh. Lexi was caught throwing her chewable vitamins in trash cans! She's just like me when I was still young!jajajajajajajaja I can still remember how stubborn I was for not taking it. I was throwing it outside through the window!Well now, I'm the only skinny in the family. So is Lexi *sigh

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