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Friday, June 13, 2008

Ms. Kris Aquino-The Queen of Talk Shows

Ms. Kris Aquino is one of the most transparent showbiz personality that I know in Philippine tv. I found her very smart. She knows a lot of things. That's her reward of having fond of reading printed materials like books and magazines. I'm pretty sure that she has monthly subscriptions of her favorite mags. Moreover, she does good in cooking. She sometimes admit that she's not that great and she wanted to learn more. Her favorite area in their house is her kitchen. It was filled with the necessary cooking materials and gadgets that she'll be needing with her baking sessions. Kris Aquino is currently the host of morning talk show " Boy and Kris". She's with Mr. Boy Abunda.
As far as I know Kris is also one of the richest Filipino celebrity and one of the top endorsers of products. Some of her sponsors are Goldilocks, Purefoods, Casino Alcohol, San Miguel Corporation, Pampers, San-San Cosmetics, White Cat Laundry Soap and Lactacyd. These are only few that I can remember. I knew that when Kris is endorsing a certain product she's really using it. She doesn't endorses one that she hasn't tried. Furthermore she has her own mag the K Mag. The magazine is about her life, her family, her kids, and everything that you wanna learn about Kris Aquino. Her husband is James Yap, a MVP Player in Philippine Basketball association. Krissy has two sons; Josh and baby James.Kris was hailed as The Queen of Talk Shows and Queen of Game Shows. She hosted The Buzz,Pilipinas Game Ka Na Ba and Deal or No Deal.Today she's hosting Wheel of Fortune Philippine Edition. She comes from a prominent family in the Philippines. Her mother was a former President of the Republic of the Philipines and her dad Ninoy is known to be a country's hero. On the other hand, Kris also experiences dark moments in her life just like us. The Filipino are aware of it because of her bravery and strong personality. That makes her become a very open individual in the public. She doesn't do things to make people talk about her. She's just simply noticeable. *winks Read about her penthouse in Makati here

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