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Saturday, July 05, 2008

PDA's 3rd Gala Performance Night

This Saturday is the third week of the scholars official performance on stage. This time they are rendering songs which are dedicated to their closest pals or best friends. The songs that they had chosen reminds them of special names and their unforgettable experience with those people.There were only 14 scholars left since Chivas was expelled due to unhealthy physical condition and John Ross who did a voluntary exit. The resident jurors Gerard Salonga and Louie Ocampo are still there to give comments and assessments. The juror of the week is Rachelle Ann Go, a recording artist and one of the ASAP's champions. Hmmmmm as time goes by I observed that Billy's doing a lot better now. He's improving! His hosting ability definitely shows! Well looking at those 14 performers there was one thing that was quickly observed by the jury. It's the diction and right utterances of the lyrics of their chosen songs. Laarni really got a talent. However, her personality and emotional stability can pull her down if she'll do nothing to change her own perceptions with regards to belongingness! The group is accepting her of course and trying to reach for her. I also understand her part because definitely there are also scholars who don't like her. I can see and feel it. Well, that's a challenge for her to take!I believe in her that she can reach her star but of course she must come out of the Academy in a package. In other words, having her amazing talent and strong personality with oozing confidence! That will totally make her become the new rising star of today in the Philippines! I want Laarni to become a fighter inside the academy. Her song tonight fits her. This week's top 3 scholars are Liezel, Christian and Van. The Shining Star of the Week is non other than Liezel! For 3 consecutive weeks she'd been able to prove to all her amazing talent! Her 2 simple wishes were already granted and she was happy for it. And now, her new simple request is about to be granted for being the best among the rest! I like her and from the beginning I know this contender from Puerto Princessa can go further and can make it to the finals! After the performances of each scholar, scholar Sheng finally left the Academy. Sheng and Jet were the probationary scholars of the week . Jet got a total of 51.07% of text votes while Sheng only gathered a total of 48.93% of support. Jet got another chance to prove to people that he deserves to stay in the academy and learn more in the coming days. Sheng was fine. She'll definitely get breaks from the network after her expulsion. She was good while staying with other scholars and showed her best to be part of PDA.

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