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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wu Chun and Calvin Cheng in the Philippines

Two Korean Teen Stars visited the country this month, Wu Chun and Calvin Cheng. These two handsome men are members of the singing group called Fahrenheit which is very known in Taiwan and made the all boys group shine in the year 2006.. Their fans were all happy that they came to the Philippines. Their fans from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan came here also to get on track with their idols.The Filipinos are learning to love korean tv series like Memories of Bali, Lovers in Paris, Green Rose, My Girl and Meteor Garden Series. These two young stars are catching the hearts of the pinays! According to sources, Wu Chun studied in Australia. His major is Business Administration. I saw this actor in the television series " Hana Kimi" and "Romantic Princess".While Calvin Cheng is a graduate of University of Oxford and earned Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and a Master of Science in Management. This boy of Fahrenheit is also a part of "Romantic Princess" with Angela Chang.
I saw one of there tv guestings together and it's not a surprise to me if they speak good English. They were able to study abroad and earned a degree!It's nice to know that they already finished their studies before engaging themselves in modeling and acting career. Chun and Cheng are now considered as one of the hottest rising stars in Taiwan nowadays!
While having their promotional tour for two days in the Philippines, they dropped by at Entertainment live, The Buzz, ASAP '08 and Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA). They entertained questions asked to them by their fans and did live performances! Both admitted that they are singles. They have no time yet to date with girls because of their busy schedules. For me, Wu Chun is more appealing. I like them because they can speak English unlike the F4 which is compose of the teen stars in "Meteor Garden" together with Barbie Sue. One of them can speak though because he grew up in states. When Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou was here in the Philippines, there was a need for an interpreter during their concert tour. Well, Wu Chun and Calvin Cheng like the country and they promised that they'll come back here soon!!!

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