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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Deaf Beaty in PBB House

The official 13 housemates entered Big Brother's house on Easter Sunday March 23, 2008 . And among them, I noticed someone. She got my attention when her title to PBB is a deaf beauty from Mindanao! She's from Davao, from my city! Meaning she can't hear. And everybody's been thinking how she and big brother can communicate. We know that big brother give task using his voice only. Nobody can see and touch him. Her name is Priscilla Navidad, the deaf dreamer of Davao. She's got the courage to go for an audition to join Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus. Her spirit encourages handicapped people that they can be part of this reality TV competition. She is an intelligent one because she can understand with "lip reading" only. She can read your lips and able to respond right. Perhaps she can partly hear people around her because it's not inborn. She lost her hearing 6 six years ago. Yesterday there were additional two teen housemates and were given special task. Priscilla has also given the chance to see Big Brother's lips for easy communication. This is done by "Kuya" ( Big Brother in English) to consider Priscilla's condition. She's the first housemate to see a part of Kuya's. Despite of her condition, this seventeen year old lady manages to live a normal life. Good luck to her. Hope she can last and make it to the Big Four.

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