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Saturday, September 06, 2008

PDA BIGayan- A Concert for a Cause

The top 6 scholars performed their chosen songs. Each was given a chance to introduce their fellow performers to practice their hosting skills. This week's guest's juror was the Gen Manager of Universal Records-Kathleen Dy Go. Tonight's performances of everybody was good. If I'm gonna pick up for the best 3, I'll pick up Laarni, Liezel and Cris-all girls group! I agree with Mr Louie Ocampo's comment on Laarni. Laarni was indeed oozing with self-confidence with her performance tonight. Before the scholars performed, each one of them had also picked up their chosen charitable institutions. The six scholars are the instruments to help different charities.Below was the sequence of tonight's performances and their chosen charities:
  1. Liezel- Please Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna ( Home for the Aged)
  2. Miguel- Rock DJ by Robbie Williams ( Mindanao Emergency Tulong Bakwet)
  3. Cris- Sway of Pussycat Dolls ( Gawad Kalinga)
  4. Van- True to Your Heart by 98 Degrees (Cebu City Task Force)
  5. Laarni- Lani Misalucha's Waray-Waray (Ambassadors of Light Chorale)
  6. Bugoy- All I need Is You by Guy Sebastian ( Gatbo Irrigators Association in Camarines Sur)
After the performances of each scholars, a short interview followed. Bugoy was asked with regards to his sexuality. Cris' closeness to Sen was brought up. Van said something about his mom's disapproval of joining the contest. Laarni's emotional aspect and insensitiveness to her fellow scholars didn't escape the buzz.In showbiz you really have to be strong for you to stand the possible hearsays!Ranking himself in Rank 1 or 2, Miguel was quite unhappy with the revelation that he was only ranked 7 or 8 by his fellow scholars. Lastly, Liezel's depreciating stage performances was highly noticed by people. The contender from Puerto Galera said that she's giving her all and is still giving it! The night ended after the dance presentation rendered by the scholars. One more week to go and we are about to hail the Grand Star Dreamer of PDA Season II. Catch the Grand Dream Night, Awards Night on September 14, Sunday! Voting will also end on the same day so keep voting for your bets! Voting started right after the announcement of top 6 scholars.

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