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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn Part II Movie Review

The fighting scene in the clearing of the Cullens with their allies against the Volturi is the most exciting of Breaking Dawn Part Two. The people in the cinema start to make noise when Carlisle died in Aro's hand.Our heart starts to race as the fight goes on.
Moviegoers can't stop yelling when Jasper,Seth and Leah lost in the battle.Well, that event explains the cover photo of Stephenie Meyer's last book of her Twilight Saga.The chess image tells that both parties are able to lose some of their members just like playing the board game.Jane, Alec,Marcus,Caius and Aro were eliminated and declares the Cullens' victory.

However, nothing beats the fact that the fight occurred in the big screen is just Alice's vision.She let Aro see it for himself.Aro, then decided not to create any chaos between them because that would endanger their existence and the power they currently have. The twist makes us enjoy and love the movie!It's worth watching! The sound  and visual effects are not bad.

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