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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Indonesian Mythical Creatures

Each country has its own mythical creatures and in the third season of Survivor Philippines hosted by Richard Gutierrez, Indonesian mythical creatures were used to name the three groups of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

  sea monster resembling a crocodile 
with a prehensile snout

a large long-haired wild 
 or domesticated ox

 mythical dragon or serpent without legs, 
which breath fire, and can turn 
things to ash just by a look

Three tribes were born and the members are:
  • Green Magan - Buhawi, Solenn, Doc Ferdz, Elma, Mico and Myka,
  • Red Nagar – Jon, Moi, Ahron, Michelle and Ian
  • Yellow Sar Mayee – Aira, Akihiro, Aubrey, Ervic, Karen, Pretty Trizsa


H. Nizam said...

Hello friend,
Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have followed your blog too. Let's keep in touch.


Endy Daniel said...

I didnt know bout this myth b4,lol... so r u from...?

ladyinpurple said...

That's fine Endy, we can't grasp everything in this world..LOL..I'm from Philippines (^__^) Thanks for droppin' by!

@ H. Nizam -> no problem..I keep in touch with the bloggers I follow..don't worry..I'll be always be around.. visiting your site (^__^)

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