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Friday, December 12, 2008

Music Lifts My Spirit

Without music life is so dull! Thanks to music lovers, composers and artists for making and producing quality music in all genre.Music imparts values and convey messages. It motivates people like the songs of Bob Marley. During my college days many students admired him and tried to look like him. The colors red, yellow and green are usually seen in student's bags, hankies, hair accessories, shoes and many more! I personally feel that music lifts my spirit. Nowadays Christmas songs that are played everywhere allows me to realize that Christmas and New Year are about to come. When I'm alone I can remember the past celebrations that we had, the gifts and presents, the food and the happiness itself. I can't wait for that moment to happen again in my family. Some family members in my clan were gone but I still look forward for a meaningful Christmas celebration. To sum up, music makes my life more meaningful.Music and lyrics heal my heart.Furthermore,it allows me to be more romantic and to appreciate the world I live in. I usually dedicate my favorite songs to people who are special to me.Are you doing the same thing?

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