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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camiguin or Summer Camp?

My batch mates in college are going to Camiguin on April 16. One of my classmates informed me last night and she's inviting me in!She told me who among us are joining the group. I've been planning to visit that place and this is my chance to go there! I want to see my classmates too.The last time I saw them was last Christmas! We gathered together and it was a nice experience.We chatted about our jobs and how much we make out of it!jajajajajaja. It's not surprising to know that 70% are not working as teachers! I know what they love to do and many of them don't feel like teaching. I'm now excited to visit Camiguin and be with them.However, it's hard to make a decision.On the same day will be the official Opening Day of Kamp Pag-sa (The Camp of Hope).This is a summer camp for physically-impaired children and I'm volunteering myself.It's a 10-day camp and I already attended the seminars and meetings in preparation of next month's camp. All of us are waiting for this day to come.I want to see the campers that I met last year.I want to know how well they are right now. I can't easily give up the camp to have fun on my own because I got a responsibility. I'm appointed as an assistant group leader and I want to volunteer myself. Next month will be Kamp Pag-asa's 10th year. My only chance now is if the date of going to Camiguin will be moved earlier.Perhaps I can go.I love the beach and every summer I always have the chance to go somewhere where I can take a break and relax.A place which is far and a different one from the place where I live and work. Giving public service has been a good feeling.Meeting new people specially the disabled kids with much hope are definitely enticing me to be contended in life.Those children was able to touch me the moment that I was giving up. There was a sudden change in me after I joined the camp last year. I want to see Camiguin and join the summer camp too (^_^)

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