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Sunday, November 29, 2009


On my birthday, December 21 in the year 2012, the world will suffer a major catastrophe in the movie 2012. It brought realizations to the audience.After seeing the movie they've come to think its possibilities. I've finally seen it yesterday. I was with my students and their mom.They hadn't seen seen it last week so we took the chance to watch it together. The sci-fi film starred by John Cussack shows how men would act if the world was to end. There are still greedy people.Survival was unfairly done since people can't get into the big ship if they haven't got a billion euro.Heroes are born.Reconcilliation happens.Broken families are reunited. So are bitter relationships.In addition, it emphasizes that developed countries and its officials are able to do necessary actions to get ready for the biggest battle for human race. Most of them don't have the will to inform the public.As far as I'm concerned, people ought to know the truth regardless of their incapabilities to save their lives. The scenes in 2012 are quite realistic since they are supported by scientific explanations and the effects are good as well. The creation of four gigantic water vessels point up man's intelligence in their quest for a new place where they can start all over again. Before I end this post,let me share you something. The Holy Scripture says that God has promised this to Noah after the great flood.
"I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth."- Genesis 9:11


gege said...

takot talaga ako sa mga ganyang pelikula kasi alam kong hindi pa ako prepared!
thanks sa pagshare nung verse!

hindi ko pa napapanuod yung movie ee,
pero napanuod namin ng mga kaklase ko yung "knowing" ni nicolas cage!
halos parehas lang...
the best yung ginawa nya nung alam nyang parating na talaga ang
"end of the world".

umuwi sya...
magkakayakap silang buong pamilya, habang hinihintay ang oras ng katapusan.


ladyinpurple said...

Ya, I agree....that was the best part of the movie..I made a review also for Knowing...Copy and paste this link in a new tab/window and know what I think about the movie
(^__^) Thanks Gege for droppin' by

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