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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Do you want to know what your future holds?Can you sense that something wrong is going to happen?What will you do if there's no much time to think about your safety?
Knowing is a film about a person who predicted the end of the world through numbers. After five decades a professor from MIT name John (Nicholas Cage) was able to unleash the meaning of the sets of numbers that were written on a piece of paper. For him, there's no way out to escape and the numbers that Lucinda-Diana's mom (Rose Byrne) wrote fifty years ago are the keys to everything. The numbers were the dates and exact locations of massive destruction that happened and are going to happen around the world.In other words, those were prophecies.At the end, UFOs came to rescue the chosen ones. Two of them are Caleb-John's son and Abby-Diana's daughter.The people who can only hear the voice whisperers are chosen to leave the planet with the aliens.In the story, it tells that aliens will help humans to start a new life in a new planet since earth will be totally wiped out due to the super-flare of the solar system which comes from the celestial ball of fire-the sun.It can destroy the ozone layer.Thus, killing all the living organisms on the planet.In addition, the black and smooth stones that they usually find give an idea to where the chosen ones are to be taken. The total running time of the said movie is two hours and 56 minutes! It's quite long, isn't it?Personally, I think the film is interesting.Though it's a science fiction one it teaches us to realize that life on earth is temporal.John's family stayed at each other's arms as they wait for Armageddon.His father reminded them that death isn't the end yet a beginning of a fuller and happier life with God.He wasn't aware of what's going to happen to them but they are firm with their belief so they accept God's plan to their lives.Christians like me understand that the scene when the chosen ones ascended with the ETs can mean the "rapture" in the bible before the world vanishes. In my opinion, I see that the events that took place in the movie are people's physical interpretation of what's written on the Holy Scripture about the end of the world.Since people are highly inclined with Science and Technology they come up with those ideas and scenes. I read online that some viewers were wondering why there was an association of Aliens in the film!According to them it made the film so unbelievable.On my own perspective here's how I understand it. We all die in the end.It's biblical that the earth will vanish in the future and God promised that there's a new earth where people can live for the second time around and there'll be no more death! We don't know when will that be though.Nowadays, we are all busy building the towers, but forget to build our self and being. We're feeding our imaginations but we aren't feeding our souls.We're reaching for all the material things but we don't long for spiritual gifts. These are the paradox of our lives and no matter what we do each one of us has its own time to leave the earth.
By the sweat of your face You will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken;For you are dust, And to dust you shall return-Genesis 3:19
It may be difficult for you to accept the truth that are written in the bible. Doubt may arise in you since they're just humans like us.But let me tell you this: Yes, it's a fact that the bible is written by humans but THESE people are the ones who are ANOINTED by God's holy spirit. If we are facing a deadly threat like apocalypse what would you do?What would be your basis in your decision making?


gege said...

haist. lam nyu po para kayung yung super frend ko. si den2. Christian din sya. she always give me this little pieces of paper na may mga verse from the Bible. sasabihin nya 'verse mo yan for the day... wala kasi akong load kaya ganyan na lang.' tapos she will smile! hehe. i love her sooOOO much kasi bukod sa TRUE FRIEND, she's my bridge in being close to God. haha! alam ko pong its too easy to be close to HIM. HE is just a prayer away. wala lang po... its just so nice to have somebody tapping your back and saying... HIS with you. :))

ladyinpurple said...

It's great to hear that Gege..
He never let go of us (^_^)
and you're right..He's just a prayer away!

Thank you for saying that I'm like your good friend...you're blessed to have her in your life..God bless you

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