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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cory is to People Power

The burial of former President Corazon Aquino took place at Manila Memorial Cemetery few minutes ago. I didn't expect that it'll take this long! It only proves that many people love her. Many of us are saddened when she passed away.Filipinos are really mourning for the lost of an important person in the country. Anywhere around the Philippines, you can see a yellow ribbon tied everywhere, in private or public offices.It's our way of commemorating her significance when she ousted the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. It ended his regime and we regained the country's liberty.It was after Cory continued her husband's legacy and battle. Eventually, we won that battle by unity.Tie a yellow ribbon is a campaign to show our concern and care for her.


 President Corazon "Cory " Aquino is Philippines' symbol of freedom and democracy. She showed and gave us the true meaning of People Power. She encouraged the Filipinos to be united in order to get back the freedom of speech and press.Through her faith in God, courage and strong will Filipinos' nationalism was awaken!

Today is a special non-working holiday for Filipinos. Though I haven't track the entire events throughout the day I had the chance to see what's on TV.People's tributes and testimonies for the late president made me cry. I know how good she is but as I see her videos online I found myself with a teary eye. I admire her as a woman with real strength and genuine love for her fellows. She's worth remembering as Philippine president.
Rest in Peace President Cory.We love you and we'll never forget you and your remarkable contribution for the Philippines. You gave back our independence, made us become fighters and believers that the country can achieve change and sustainable development through faith and action.

Truly president Cory is associated with the power of people to end the leader's improper and abusive exercise of power.Thank you and we'll remember you forever.

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