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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teaching is an Art

A month ago I had an unpleasant experience at school.It was really awful and it needed a genuine strength to keep me hanging.One of my students got to my nerve.I could see how confused was he because he wasn't listening to me.Every time I talk he starts talking as well. I don't know if he recognizes the word "listen". I gave him the freedom to ask me anything with regards to our lessons but what pissed me off is he reads in advance! I was still discussing the first part and he was already thinking about the latter! As a result, he couldn't fully understand our lesson.Thus, leading himself to confusion and end up getting much stress daily.That's what he complains everyday.


 I don't want my students to have a hard time in dealing with our lessons.That's why I teach them the easier and more precise way to get rid of such pain;mentally or physically.Every time I have this kind of situation I come to think about the kind of profession that I currently practice.

Why did I take this course? Do I really love the nature of my job? Is teaching the perfect career for me to sustain?These are the usual questions that bother me.

I do self-healing instead and take these bad times as my challenges to take as a mentor.People differ.So are their pace in learning.I can't expect my students to have the same level like they're all smart.I just think that they're here to mold me as a teacher.

Teaching is an art. It requires teacher's unique and immeasurable strategies in order to reach the learning goals. It greatly depends on us on how good we are in dealing with these kind of classroom problems.Some students claim that they're intelligent and equipped but the fact is they're not.Moreover, proper approach is a great tool to relieve such problems.
Teacher's ability to achieve the set aims despite of the inadequacy of resources and suchlike allows teaching to be coined as a form of an art.

People can teach anybody but not all can do so effectively.

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