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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


DSAPI stands for Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. It's a joint project by the doctors and parents that is created in 1992.Its aim is to give sufficient information about the down children.One of the goals of the organization is to assist the parents understand their down children.Thus, giving their proper needs.Letting them know the nature of their kids will surely help them in taking care of them. Joining DSAPI will ease their burden for having a special child.It benefits themselves for they learn things through communicating with other parents. Sharing experiences will help them understand a down child better.

DSAPI has its calendar of activities. Down children get to see people with the same case regularly. Different programs like Early Intervention,Free Clinic, Happy Walk, and Special Olympics are participated and enjoyed by the kids annually.

The pioneers of DSAPI look forward to having a happy family life despite the presence of down children. They encourage the parents with down children to join the organization to  support them in rearing their kids.The downs and their families can live a normal life if people learn to accept them. Community acceptance is what they need from us.
They are DOWN, but not OUT in the society.

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